Meet Tanamera. A Malaysian company providing Malaysian-inspired wellness and spa products. Currently rocking the home spa market, Tanamera offers the opportunity for people to have a natural experience when it comes to living well and caring for yourself.

Their #1 Best Selling Product, the Formulation Body Soap

From Sengkuang Facial Scrubs to Tropical Pandan Bath Powders and Hibiscus Body Scrubs, Tanamera’s products revolve around popular Malaysian scents and materials. Their products are 100% natural and do not contain any toxic chemicals, artificial flavours or fragrance. Even their packaging is made out of unbleached, recycled paper. So much win for the environment.

A collection of their wellness products, including beautiful batik produced by Tanamera

Starting out as a tiny brand with just 8 products in year 2000, Tanamera began with 3 siblings, a makeshift factory, and a dream to have an “all natural” business. Learning the trade of making body scrubs and massage oils from their mother, they began with 4 soaps and 4 body mist sprays to kick off their boutique brand.

100% Natural Wooden spoons by Tanamera

Just like any other new company, it took time and effort to build and grow the brand. Only after 4 years did they finally manage to secure their first distribution contract in Germany. The next 3 years saw them expanding into countries across Europe such as Sweden, Denmark, and even Russia. Tanamera began to grow, quickly.

Tanamera Aroma Stone which activates the scents from essential oils without the use of heat.

Once realising that they had expanded across Europe but had yet to set foot in Malaysia, they decided that Malaysians should also have access to this Malaysian product. They then began to distribute their products to spa and wellness centres around Malaysia.

At this point in time, Tanamera was still only a distributor and had not yet entered retail stores. What happened next, happened by chance. When Tanamera received a request for permission to display their products at a kiosk to be sold, not thinking much of it, Tanamera agreed to let that one kiosk sell their items. It caught on like wildfire. One kiosk become two, and two became four. Before they knew it, Tanamera was approached by several departmental stores and the ball kept rolling.

 Fast forward to 2019, Tanamera now produces up to 140 different items, all completely natural, and have even expanded into having their own wellness spa centres. They currently have 2 factories, more than 100 staff members, 4 retail outlets, and 36 units of “shop-in-a-shop” in departmental outlets such as Isetan, Parkson, Aeon, and Metrojaya. They are also still catering their products to professional spas and wellness centers around the globe.

Tanamera also plays a role in giving back to the community and the earth. In a partnership with not-for-profit environmental organisation, EcoKnights and The Good Shop, Tanamera has launched Tanamera Hearts, an initiative to support the underprivileged communities and sustainable development in Malaysia.

 The travel-sized-bag with the Tanamera Hearts patch were sewn and stitched by beneficiaries of The Good Shop, while the profits for each purchase of Tanamera Hearts collection will go to EcoKnights to support their ongoing education and awareness programs on sustainable living. Another win for the environment, and one win for humanity.

 Eco-friendly, Malaysian, and 100% natural, Tanamera is a brand we Malaysians can definitely be proud of. Plus, it’s always great to give back to the people who need it most. For more information about Tanamera, visit their website



Vincent Wong

Vincent Wong is an aspiring writer cum photographer and traveller, who loves diving head first into culture and exploring the wonders of the world. Like any Malaysian, Vincent loves food and is always on the hunt for the next best meal. After having spent several years away from Malaysia, this young man realised the uniqueness of his home country and aims to tell the stories of Malaysia and all it has to offer.
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