The National Museum is located near the southern end of the Lake Gardens, and is well worth a visit for both local and foreign travellers alike.

They provide an excellent introduction to Malaysia’s history, economy, geography, arts, and culture, with exhibits documenting important happenings beginning from pre-historic events all the way up to present Malaysia.

Consisting of 4 major exhibitions; Early History, The Malay Kingdoms, The Colonial Era, and Malaysia Today, the National Museum aims to provide a form of informal education to visitors.

The exhibitions are lined up with the secondary school history syllabus, offering students the opportunity to interact with the subjects they study from school textbooks.

Check out the Early History Gallery for your caveman tools, along with a collection of relics and human remains.

Over at The Malay Kingdoms exhibition, the history of the early Malay Kingdoms are brought to light. Here, you’ll find several interesting displays such as a replica of The Royal Throne of Perak as well as the Mural of Hang Tuah, a legendary warrior well known in the Malay Kingdom of Malacca.

There’s also a number of traditional Malay swords, the Keris along with many traditional form of clothings worn by Malays and even peranakan, the Straits-Born Chinese, otherwise known as Baba Nonya.

Head upstairs to find The Colonial Era exhibition, where it exhibits relics and replicas from the history of control and administration by the 4 foreign powers; the Portugese, Dutch, British, and Japanese.

You’ll find various muskets and guns of the past along with uniforms of soldiers and a whole bunch of war relics. There’s also one of the infamous bicycles that the Japanese military used to infiltrate Malaysia by cycling through northern Malaysia.

The last of the galleries ends with the fourth exhibition, Malaysia Today. This gallery tells the story of the transformation of Malaysia, beginning from education and its work towards the independence of Malaya in 1957, all the way up to the present day.

The gallery also showcases the nation’s greatest achievements over the years, such as the F1 circuit, the Petronas Twin Towers, Tour de Langkawi, and much more. It also and highlights the multiple ethnicities and culture that can be found in Malaysia.

The National Museum has guided tours in several languages that take place throughout the week. It is definitely recommended if you’d like a more interactive experience with the exhibitions, and it’s also free. English tours are conducted from Monday – Saturday at 10am with an additional tour on every Thursday at 2pm.

Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm
Address: Jalan Damansara, Tasik Perdana, 50566, Kuala Lumpur
Waze: National Museum of Malaysia / Muzium Negara

Entrance Fees
Adults (standard): RM5
Kids (standard): RM2
Adults (with MyKad): RM 2
Kids (dressed in school uniforms): Free


Vincent Wong

Vincent Wong is an aspiring writer cum photographer and traveller, who loves diving head first into culture and exploring the wonders of the world. Like any Malaysian, Vincent loves food and is always on the hunt for the next best meal. After having spent several years away from Malaysia, this young man realised the uniqueness of his home country and aims to tell the stories of Malaysia and all it has to offer.
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