Pasar Borong Kuala Lumpur, otherwise known as KL Wholesale Market, definitely makes the list as one of the most interesting markets KL has to offer.

Beginning as early as 3am, the largest wholesale market in KL bursts into life as trucks hauling container-loads of fresh produce arrive and unload at this hangar-like market.

Upon arrival of the containers, workers operate together like clockwork, swiftly unloading hundreds of boxes of fruits, vegetables, poultry, and seafood.

They stack the boxes up to 8 feet high and rush them through the market with trolleys, yelling loudly as a warning for others to clear the way. A spectacle of organised chaos at its finest.

Over at the seafood section, operations are kicked up a notch. Costly crabs, prawns, fish, and more are unloaded and repackaged, but not before stall owners gut, clean, and fillet their fish with impeccable precision and speed.

They take no more than 30 seconds to process an entire fish, which is quickly washed and repacked into boxes, ready to be loaded onto trucks and hauled away to their next destination.

Many of the stalls here originated from the old Central Market, with family-operated businesses that have been handed down to following generations.

Some of the stall owners have been in the vegetable distribution industry for over 50 years, beginning from as young as 12 years old.

Pasar Borong Kuala Lumpur is open 24-7 and never closes, though the peak of its activity would lie between the hours of 3am – 8am.

We recommend getting here by 4am in the morning to get the freshest seafood and produce, and also for the complete wholesale market experience.

Opening Hours: 24-7, never closed
Address: Pusat Bandar Ultra Selayang, 68100 Kuala Lumpur
Waze: Pasar Borong Kuala Lumpur


Vincent Wong

Vincent Wong is an aspiring writer cum photographer and traveller, who loves diving head first into culture and exploring the wonders of the world. Like any Malaysian, Vincent loves food and is always on the hunt for the next best meal. After having spent several years away from Malaysia, this young man realised the uniqueness of his home country and aims to tell the stories of Malaysia and all it has to offer.
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